For your PA 529 College Plan, we’ve been asking for your year-end statement showing the calendar year contributions.

Apparently, that statement only shows your contributions for the last quarter of the calendar year.


You can get the info that we need by logging into your account at

Go to <account overview>

Go to <transaction history>

Go to <contributions>

Instead of asking for the last 12 months, specify your dates from 01/01/20XX – 12/31/20XX, where XX is the year of your tax return that we are working on.


The report will NOT show the student’s social security number (SSN).

BUT, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue wants the entire SSN of each student to whom you contributed, (even if they’re your grandchildren, or anyone else that might not be listed on your return).

if you have given us their SSN before, we don’t need it again.



(1) fax the calendar year report to us at 610.446.0441, or

(2) email the report to , or

(3) mail the report to us at 2024 Darby Rd, Havertown, PA 19083-2305.

(Try not to send SSN’s via email.  Either call them in, or mail them in to us.)


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