Form 1095 for Healthcare

We started asking for this form from everyone, before finalizing tax return completion, because in the past:
1. a couple of clients signed off on our Tax Organizer that they had healthcare coverage when they didn’t, and/or
2. some clients did not inform us of how much advance insurance premium tax credits they received (which must be reconciled on the 1040), and/or
3. some clients did not inform us that NOT ALL members of their family were covered by healthcare insurance.

This created needless correspondence with the IRS.

If your W2 shows you had healthcare, and you are not filing SINGLE, we definitely need the 1095 form. Even if you ARE filing SINGLE, we’d still like to have the form.
The form has been delayed this year via extension requests made to the IRS by some insurance companies, and by CMMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid).

As of 2/14/2018, we have over a dozen clients “on hold”, who are still waiting for this form.

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