Subject Line: Enhancements – Live Next month

Dear Valued Client,

We are excited to announce that the new web experience will be live next month!

To make for a smooth transition, please familiarize yourself with the enhancements and features. You can access a preview version of the new website by clicking the ‘Use the new version now!’ link in the banner at the top of the current site’s homepage. You can toggle between the current and preview versions using the tabs at the top of your browser.


Enhancements. The preview version of the new website now includes:

  • New Look and A completely redesigned interface and enhanced layout for easier navigation.
  • New Site The site menu displays an organized view of the contents of each tab and enables one-click access to virtually all areas of the website.
  • Prominent Display of Balances and You can view balances by account or a combined total. Immediate access to information such as your top eight holdings will be front and center on the home page.
  • Easy Access to Historical Transactions, statements and trade confirmations are now accessible from a single page.
  • Customizable Dock for Expanded You will be able to take advantage of the space available on larger monitors and arrange different modules in a “Dock”. Several available modules, such as Account Balances and your own Watch Lists, help keep information that you deem important within view at all times.

Differences You May Notice:

  • Consolidated Combined views. The legacy site provides “Consolidated” views of balances, positions, and history accessible from the Accounts tab. While these exact views are not available on the new site, new “Combined” views with improved detail are available. Any page where you see a “Combined” link will allow you to see that same page with values for all of your combined accounts
  • Account Easily switch the current account in focus by using the account switching drop down at the very top of the page.


For a closer look, access a video overview of the new website!

For questions on setup, call 800-431-3500 ext. 3 option 2

Feedback Requested. As you test and use the preview, please share comments and suggestions using the feedback links on the top right of the website. Your feedback is important, and we encourage your response.

Thank you for your business and we hope you find the new web experience to be a positive change to the way you monitor your investments.


Dedicated Investment Advisers, LLC

STEVE CLOTT, CPA CFP ®, managing member

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