Most of the 1095 Healthcare forms should have been mailed out to you, by now.  Please include them with your drop-off’s and mail-in’s.

As you know, On Friday, there was a terrific winter storm affecting our power grid.  In the middle of a tax appointment, the lights went out, and our new clients were polite in whipping out their cell phones and turning their flashlights on their paperwork, so we could get done.

Our electricity came back Sunday, but our internet/phone/TV just came back on this early afternoon.

Up until then we had no way for contact since Friday.  It’s an unsettling feeling as the drop-off’s continued, and we couldn’t get onto our computers to keep working.

Now, there’s talk of 2 more severe storms this week!

But it’ll be OK; we’ve come back before, and we’ll do it again.

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