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1040 + one STATE form start at $ 113, combined.*

*Other forms and schedules are additional.

We cannot provide a quote.  However, if you bring in last year’s returns, we will be glad to give you an estimate of what we would have charged for them.

Estimated_Tax_Prep_Fees  <—> We usually charge less than the tax fees shown in the last column of the this link.

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We use ProSeries®, Intuit’s Professional Edition of Turbo Tax / Tax prep software for income tax preparation.

Have you prepared your own individual or business returns using TurboTax last year and now seek professional help?
If so, bring your TurboTax data disk, (CD, DVD, or Flash Drive), from your last year’s return, in addition to your printouts of the last 3 years.  Click on the TurboTax logo below.
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Intuit ProSeries Tax


Bring in your TurboTax disk from last year.


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